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Music Production


Whatever genre and/or vibe you are looking for...MavTraxx will get you there! From novice to expert level, he will help you find the lane to get what you hear in your head and heart out for the world to feel!

Music Lessons


Always wanted to learn an instrument? Well, look no further! MavTraxx is a multi- instrumentalist that loves to share and cultivate the gift of music. From personalized lesson plans to opportunities for real world application! Mav is ready to make your dreams a reality! 

Live Music Services


Mav has 20+ years of performance experience! He’s a sought after multi- instrumentalist! From music directing to arranging to programming to formatting the show/set, MavTraxx has it covered! Hit the button and send event details and someone will follow up with you.

Book MavTraxx for a Show (Click the picture to listen to his music)


In January of 2019, MavTraxx released his debut solo album entitled "Family Ties". This beautiful art piece is stage ready! He’s in the process of finishing up a deluxe version of the album and starting on his sophomore album! 


Artist Social Media & Content Development

We are now offering Content Services to help get you started with branding yourself as an artist. As an artist, you want to keep your Professional and Personal content separate. You never know whose watching. Today's World is all about Social Media and visual content and being an artist is already demanding enough, let us help get you started